DVD causing lockups

I have a new P4, XP pc which had a DVD player and I was happy.

Then I bought the latest Philips DVDR824P DVD writer, which came with Nero5.5 & Pinacle instant CD/DVD & all sort of other crap (Sonic this and that !). These ruined my life :frowning:

My system became increasingly unstable and usually locks up as soon as I insert a DVD in either my DVD player or the DVDRW. It even occasionally resets my PC, once when I did a print to a USB printer !!! What the hell is going on :-((((((

I even removed the DVDRW & it still happens with the DVD player.
Who do I blame/strangle for this ? (myself ?)
How do I solve this ?

Hi there and welcome aboard!

I moved your thread down here as this seems a good place to me!

About your problem: there can be quite some causes for this one. I think that the most probably cause is a weak CPU in your system that can’t take the load anymore.

To find out if this is the case, I suggest to try to run a Torture test in Prime95 (see my signature for a download link). If that test crashes (fast), I’m quite positive that it doesn’t have anything to do with the DVD writer but with the PSU. It’s just a guess right now, but in this case it’s quite probable…