DVD causes reboot



When I attempt to access my DVD drive for write purposes, it sometimes causes the system to reboot.

I have replaced the DVD drive (3 wkk old). This happens on several programs (Nero, NTI, 1 click DVD Copy, MS Media Player) so probably not application software. I have uninstalled and re-installed driver. Problem is intermittent as all good problems are.

Computer is a Gtaeway 554GE and DVD drive is Hitachi HL-DT-SD DVDRAM GSA-4163B.

Any ideas?


Have you checked the rated wattage of your power supply? I’ve had the same problem and it ended up being an overloaded power supply.


Please open device manager and report back what IDE controller driver is running. Also please list all installed and running programs with write capabilities, including Windows XP burning service and all media players that have write capability, as well as packet writing programs like InCD. Most likely this is the IDE controller driver. Also, do you have a system ASPI installed?