DVD cataloguing

Can anyone suggest a good app for helping me organise my files burned to DVD discs? I don’t mind forking out for something that’s good (and a free trial would be fab).

I need something that I can just shove a disc into the drive and it will allocate it a unique number, identify the files thereon, and save to a searchable database of some kind.

It seems like a simple request… anything out there?

Here there is one, but right now I can’t find the link for a freeware one :frowning:


I’ll search and post here if I find

I’m also interested in a similar program. Freeware would be best :slight_smile:

Found this on ‘Google’. Don’t know what it’s like but it’s free so you could give it a try :flower:

I posted this in a thread by another member, but it wasn’t what he was looking for.

I use it to catalogue my music collection (backed up to DVD discs)…hope it helps :slight_smile:


How do it works? Do it create a file in your HDD containing the database of your CD collection?

It creates a list of files in My Docs (or wherever you choose)…each of these files contains the contents of a disc (in my case, this would be a list of albums, or music files).

When you click on one of the created files, it’ll open the program, with the list. Oh, and it’s free, too. :slight_smile:

Interesting… Do it can store also pics (the cd cover for example)?

Apparently it does, although I’ve never used this function. :slight_smile:

I’ll try it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks folks, that’s three to try at least :flower:.

Here’s another that I had recommended to me, although I’ve not had a chance to try it: DiskCat :slight_smile:

DiskCat! Anything in the name, perhaps ;). That makes four… ta.

Haha, yeah I think it’s a good name - and you can be the guinea pig, since I’ve kept VisualCD for my cataloguing needs :bigsmile:

Dare I suggest “Disk Kipper” … :stuck_out_tongue:


/me is hiding to avoid UKO (Unidentified Kipper Ojects) :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL!!! Well, someone had to say it, I guess :bigsmile:

OK I’ll try all these so far… thanks! :wink:

Here’s another:Disk Explorer which recently became free. I’ve also heard good thing about a program called Where Is It