DVD "cataloging" software?



Not the kind where you keep track of titles and other text data, but the kind where you keep track of scenes?

Say, if you have a home movie collection, and want to quickly access certain parts when you put the DVD in the drive, put the bookmarks into a database, etc?

This’d be my quick n’ dirty dream version:

  1. it’s a player, so you fire up your DVD and can do things like:
    a) add beginning/ending bookmarks for scenes, go to bookmarks, play all bookmarks, etc.
    b) use tags for bookmarks, like subjects (kids, wife, aunt jane & uncle bob, field trips, vacations, laughs, whatever), locations (bahamas, kitchen, garden, whatever), dates (March 03, 98 summer vacation), etc., and ability to handle bookmark database in wide variety of ways, like a database.
    c) add notes to bookmarks.
    d) icing on the cake would be either a way to rip scenes out and save them in various formats, or a way to save frame-accurate data for use in other apps.

So, any software for this kind of stuff?

I did find this, which at least shows someone else thinks this kind of thing might be useful:


DVD Bookmarking
(Not yet updated for Panther, 10.3) DVD Bookmarking implements the capability of temporarily bookmarking a location in a DVD as a stay-open AppleScript Application that is controlled by compiled scripts run from the Script Menu. Included are the commands to Make Bookmark, Show Bookmarks, Clear Bookmarks, Save Bookmarks to File, Load Bookmarks from File, Take Captures of Bookmarks, and View DVD Info in Text Edit. Reading the Read Me is essential.

DVD Navigator
(Not yet updated for Panther, 10.3) DVD Navigator allows the creation of chapter catalog files for DVDs viewed on the computer. These files can be saved and used to access particular parts of a DVD quickly. Chapter names can be entered. AppleScripts can be written from DVD Navigator to the DVD Player Scripts folder that will allow navigation to chapters straight from the DVD Player. Mac OS 10.2 required.

Download - 112 K sit.bin


I’m not sure if this is what you are searching for, but take a look at Disk Explorer Professional

EDIT: it is free for personal use :slight_smile:


No, but it does sound very promising as a replacement for WinCatalog Standard, which I’ve been using for some time but am no longer very satisfied with.

I’m looking for something I can use to basically create an information database with as I watch my DVDs, something with a search function. For example, say I want to see all the scenes I’ve marked as “pillow fights” with bookmarks - then I just type “pillow fights” into the search field, and the function will return all bookmarks I’ve previously tagged as “pillow fights.”

Something a lot more granular and info-rich than they typical cataloging software.