DVD cases



Searched but had no luck so will post here:

I just discovered and have been buying memorex DVD slim cases.

I want to order more and I came across this???
What is the difference between the material used? Virgin materials???
Are the Memorex ones harmfull to the DVD’s? They are of a soft plastic.


I prefer full-size, black DVD cases. Clear cases may not be good for archival…

Look at this: http://www.supermediastore.com/dvd-case-cd-cases-premium-hight-quality-dvd-storage-case.html


If you like the black cases you should try Blockbuster. On Monday nights they throw all the original cases in the trash and put the movies into their own cases. I even asked the Manager at the local Blockbuster’s to save some for me, and they did … hundreds lol :slight_smile:


virgin materials means it’s not recycled


Thank you for the URL.

In your statement, Clear cases may not be good for archival, were you thinking of the light getting to them?
Wouldn’t the insert (cover) guard against light?