DVD Cases - where to buy


I am in Perth, WA and would like to know where most people buy their DVD keepcases from.

Some suggested www.rimedia.com.au to me but I was wondering if there are any other decent places to buy them from.

they also sell on ebay also

i have about 600 slim dvd cases and they are terrific quality

Some one says bad about Meritline here. However I really like this store. You may have it for reference.


I have heard mostly negative comments about Meritline, and only a few good ones, so I would probably stay away.

I purchased both single and double cases at shop4tech.com and they have been fine. I have not got a bad one yet from them. The cases are fine but I wished they had solid holders for the DVDs instead of the clips that you have to push the center to release the disk. I like the ones from rental stores they just have a solid center that the dvds fit on but I do not know where to get ones like them.

Those look nice, I may order some when I run out…

Save your money and check your local Blockbuster(s) on Tuesdays or Monday nights. I have gotten about 600-700 from them; just ask the manager nicely and more often than not, they will just give them to you. Good ones too- amrays, double cases, and other high end stuff that the major studios use.

Tried that, and most of them DO NOT do it, and they damn sure don’t if they are a franchise location. They used to do it a few years ago, but I have’nt seen anyone getting them lately, so if you try, good luck!

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

Well, it’s always a YMMV situation. I’m curious- what do you mean they “DO NOT” do it? What do they say to you and what is their explanation?

In any event, you can just dumpster dive. All Blockbusters use lockable cases as per corporate mandate. The managers have absolutely nothing to gain by denying you as they end up just throwing them away. Some try to sell some on the side, but they never have enough takers to offload the hundreds of cases they end up with. The only catch is that lately Blockbuster corporate has been having troublesome negotiations with the Hollywood studios, so they haven’t been sending out movies in the huge quantities that they used to- ergo, stores might not have as many cases as usual.

Basically, if a manager freezes you out, ask them if they need to borrow some astroglide and a pair of forceps because they must have a serious stick up their ass.

I have tried a few of them, I got some a few times in the past. Most recently, the manager told me they were reselling them to a third party. The Blockbuster across town game me the same line of sh*t. An assistant manager told me that the Blockbuster corporation was having financial issues.

Some managers are pricks about it though, Ill have to throw the Astroglide/Forceps line at em’

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

I asked them at my Blockbuster and they said they run short on cases themselves. :confused:

They were so ingorant about it, I didn’t push them hard.

This is the same place that tried to deny me using my 2 free rental coupons on the same visit when it is clearly printed on the coupon. Idiots!

AOL supplies me with all the DVD cases I’d ever need :slight_smile:

You must not need many then…lol

Lately all the AOL cases they send are not standard DVD cases, I got my last one in a plastic tear open sleeve.

here in toronto canada there’s a place that sells 'em in packs of 100 for $20CND/~$15USD … http://www.cwo.ca … hehee if u have relatives that live in the toronto area, maybe u can tell 'em to pick you up a box shrugs

I have no Canadian relatives, but if I can order them online, Ill compare prices. :iagree: