Dvd cases $29.00 for 200pk


has anyone here ever ordered these?

you think they are decent quality?

seems like a good deal to me :slight_smile:

Before you pay for DVD cases, you should try asking around the local Blockbuster stores on Tuesdays- cases are often free for the taking.

never thought about that.

good idea.

Cases are good but the price with shipping is $63. I bought 100 for $26 shipping included. It is always the freight that will kill ya.

btspm is right. The folks over at bbuster are generally glad to have you haul off their garbage for 'em, less crap for them to pack and move around

-sweet nectar

It’s starting to sound like E-bay. Shipping and handling are always a deal killer, but $63.00 is obscene.

yeah way to much.

Bait and charge!

Excellent approach for those with an attention span of 5 seconds. Same approach as rebates.

I happened to drive by a blockbuster (none real close to me) and asked about cases.

The girl there gave me what she had (30 cases) and said if I come around Tue she will have “ALLOT”.

I may just drive over that way again :slight_smile:

sweet!! i’m gonna give that a shot at my local joint.

Hey any luck with any blockbuster in NYC? Because i know it is not the same but asked in my local Hollywood video and they said no that the cases are not thrown away and on my way out i saw a box full of them and i asked if this was trash one employee walking by said yes but what seem like the manager said i couldn’t take it. No biggie since i just got a DVD burner so i wouldn’t require so many but was wondering if in NYC people have had luck with either Blockbuster or Hollywood video?? Thanks.