DVD Case Covers



Does anyone know where I can get the DVD case covers the ones that you insert on the outside of the case. I would like to download them and print them out.
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you can get them at cdcovers.cc


You can copy the orignal ones on a color printer using 6.5 mil photo paper then they will look like the orignals:bigsmile:


Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, the suggestion of previous poster will do the job that you are looking for.


Thanks Jimbo, When I have the original movie thats what I do, But when I download a movie from the web I need to find a cover for that movie for the DVD case.


Thanks to lking, The web site is a very good one except I can’t find Pursuit Of Happyness with Will Smith. Maybe its to new yet, I’ll check back with that site later.


Thanks for the welcome TCAS, I have learned alot from this forum, but never really had to ask for anything till now and have had a great very quick responses.


It’s there, you just missed it.


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You’re right I did miss it, but your url took me right to the spot.
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