DVD Capacity

I believe the capacity of a dvd one can burn onto is 4.7Gb right? Probably not 4.7Gb full but 4.5-4-6Gb shouldn’t be a problem right?
Mine can only burn up to 4.3Gb the most. Anything more than that, Nero will say that it has insufficient space or something. To me, 400mb is kinda alot.
Is it my DVD or my burner? Funny thing is when I burn games with DVD decrypter… it’ll burn all the way even with 4.5-4.6Gb.
Any reason why this is happening? Do u guys experience the same thing? Do help… thanks!

Burner used: LG 4167B
Software used: Nero.

An often asked question - the capacity of -R is roughly 4489MB, +R is roughly 4483MB. With some burners, you can overburn +R up to around 4650MB, depending on the burner and media. -R media cannot be overburned, at least that I’m aware of.

In computer terms, 1 KB = 1,024 Bytes.

Full capacity of:

  • DVD+R = 4,700,375,040 Bytes
  • DVD-R = 4,706,076,672 Bytes

The above figures often simplify to 4.7GB (wrong!) which are actually 4,7 billion bytes. If you do the math in computer terms, for example DVD+R: 4,700,375,040 bytes = 459,0210 KB = 4,482 MB = 4.38 GB.

Yeah. It’s annoying. But it’s standard practice for manufacturers to mislead their customers about the storage capacities of their products by using the wrong standard of measure.

What we need, is legal enforcement and better standards of measurement.

For example, someone came up with the term Binary Kilobyte, to distinguish the proper measure of 1024kb from the improper one of 1000kb.

If only it became a standard, then suddenly it would be false advertising to call a 4.3GB DVD+R disc “4.7GB”.

I have a 2 disc DVD set that was recorded on DVD-R that was sent to me by a friend in California.

No burning application that I have tried so far has been successful in copying these discs except for DVD Decrypter. And this is only on DVD-R media.

All other burning applications abort the copy process after prompting that “there is insufficent space on the destination drive”.
DVD Decrypter would issue a warning but also gives you the option to continue.

This drive doesn’t support overburning on DVD’s for now, link.

oic… thanks guys.
So…it’s totally normal what i am facing… is that right?
BUt i still don’t understand why dvd decrypter works…
Just don’t get that part of the puzzle…