DVD capacity (using Adobe Encore CS3)



I’m using Adobe Encore CS3 and i’d like to know how/based-on-what does Encore calculate disc capacity, and can we be lenient with its claimed limit?

My final project resulted in measuring some 38 KB below Encore’s build-dvd limit (ouch!). Then, before proceeding with building, i decided to re-design how buttons/chapters/menus we’re linking, and added a chapter playlist along the way, after which the build-dvd tool reported that dreaded “project exceeds disc capacity” message…

I built an image anyway, which Windows Vista reports measured
4.31 GB (4,630,315,008 bytes)

According to what i read in different places, this should still fit OK on a DVD. Is Encore just keeping extra safe-zones which in truth can be used and will play OK on any DVD player? Does the above byte count look dangerous?

P.S. how come a chapter playlist takes up so much space anyway?
I’m trying to make a “Play All” button and then a “Chapter select” menu with buttons to specific chapters. I made a chapter playlist which plays all chapters sequentially for the “Play All” button. Is there any better way of doing this?


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I built a DVD image of my project [I]without[/I] the previously mentioned chapter playlist, at which point the build-dvd tool said i’m back to 38 KB under the capacity limit, so far so good. Then i check the file size and lo-'n-behold, it’s exactly the same size as the one Encore complained had exceeded disc capacity! 4.31 GB (4,630,315,008 bytes)!

I just want to know that my project will play correctly on all/any standard player. Hopefully, Encore is exaggerating a tiny bit when it complains im beyond capacity just because of some chapter playlist, especially since the file size seems to be [I]exactly[/I] the same down to the last byte!

Can anyone confirm?


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I added some 50 KB DVD-ROM content and Encore isn’t complaining about “project exceeds disc capacity” at all… keeping in mind i was 38 KB below limit, i’m stumped.


It doesn’t look like any of our regulars use Adobe Encore, so specific questions on its functions are probably going to go unanswered.

Adobe does have some user to user forums if you haven’t found them: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.1de98ec0/


Sounds like CS3 is readjusting the bitrate (quality), so that it fills the dvd, rather than select a hard set bitrate. I’m sure that you can go into an advanced options type mode, and set the actual bitrate, so that rather than fill the disc with the best available quality, it will set the quality at a specific level.


On the contrary; it looks like it is adhering to some set bitrate which is why it complains about exceeding disc capacity if i put too much stuff.

Throughout the making of the project I had to manually adjust the bitrate of different clips so that it could fit into whatever it won’t complain about exceeding disc capacity.

My questions were about Adobe Encore’s capacity limit vs. the standard DVD capacity limit, whether i can safely assume my DVD will work on all standard players if it has < 4,707,319,808 bytes, which is more than what Encore considers max disc capacity.


Most people suggest not burning more than between 4.1 and 4.3gb onto any dvd, no matter what brand (except for the DL’s). Almost all DVD’s have some problem or other, right at the very edge… Better safe than sorry…