Dvd can't read cd

I posted that thread yesterday and when I search,it says,sorry no match.
my dvd-rom(Mida 16x) can’t see the cd’s,but it reads perfectly the dvd’s.to make the problem more complicated,it reads only one cd,it is the windows XP home edition.I tried other cd’s or cdrw and no result.
also,please where do I go to see if someone has answered that post?
thank you :confused:

Go into device mgr and un-instal drive then reboot and let windows re-detect and instal it. Then see if it works. Can’t help ya with the other thread. Sorry.

Multiple burn applications can cause read issues. Try the drive on another PC. If it works, then you can try to uninstall all burn applications and retest with the drive. Reformat/reload Windows should also fix the problem.

You may have a bad laser pickup.

thanks for the suggestions.I tried removing the drive and reinstalling.I get the same results.I tried using a different version of windows (Chinese version).same result.
I beleive my dvd-rom is defective.
I don’t have any burn applications.the dvd is read only.

Yes, probably a bad drive if you don’t have a CD burner application.