DVD cannot be played. Please help

Please help.

I burnt a DVD movie (full disk) from the downloaded files but no device can play it. .

The movie was burnt on a media that I have been using with no problem for a while. The burning was completed successfully. The session has been finalized.

My PC starts playing it (Win Media Player 10) up to the menu. The picture and audio are OK but once it gets to the menu and I click a menu item, for example, “Play Movie” or “Special Features” or any other, the movie and the Media Player get frozen and the movie does not go any further. Media Player closes and this way every time.

I have noticed that while it starts with Media Player, there are no chapters indicated on the right side panel of Media Player but I see titles only – from Title 1 up to Title 18.

I tried to play it on my standalone player but it does not play it at all. It says: “This type of disk cannot be played”.

I tried to put the burnt DVD through DVD Decrypter first and to burn the decoded files. The following preview through DVD Shrink was fine. Then I burnt it with Nero. Stimulation and data verification, everything was fine but the movie still gets frozen while being played with Media Player and does not go at all on the standalone player. Nothing has changed.

What could it be? Thank you!

Try importing this DVD into DvdReMake Pro and see whether there are any navigation errors. DvdReMake Pro does not check absolutely everything but it will highlight most common navigation errors.