DVD can not record



Hello Everyone,

Not sure if this is in the right place, i am new and need help.

I just bought a panasonic stand alone DVD recorder model # dmrez48v.


The sole purpose is so I can transfer my Hi 8 tapes from the last 10 years over to DVD.

The problem is when I plug in the camcorder into the dvd IN1 or IN2 ports and press record, I am told my family tapes that i recorded are copyrighted. It will not let me record. I can see them playing thru the TV, just can"t record them.

What can I do , is there a way around this or what am I doing wrong?

Does anyone know of another way to put old hi 8 tapes onto DVD media?

Thank You
Mike Hammer


Anyone have any experience with something like this?


Or this?

Thanks for any help.