DVD Camera Noob

Hello first time poster here, I have a question in regards to DVD camcorders.

I have an older camcorder now that records on vhs-c tapes I think they are called. I need to buy a new battery charger for it. It costs $30 ish on ebay. I was wondering though if I should just bite the bullet and upgrade to something that records on those mini dvd’s. This will allow me to make backups of all videos plus edit them with songs pictures etc send to grandma that whole bit.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good camera for such things that can record on a disc for about an hour or more on it’s highest quality. Although I’m not sure what the expectations are for quality vs recordable time on a disc. I need to be schooled. Thanks in advance

Personally, I prefer the mini-dv cameras. There are many good ones. I suggest reading some reviews. I like my panasonic PVGS70, and I got my daughter a CANON zr700. All the cameras have different features which make one better than the other, in certain circumstances. It depends on if you want general use, low light use, etc.

First figure out everything that you need out of a camera. Then look at cameras that do those things best.

Some cameras are much better at low light shots than others. Some have better lenses. Some have better optical zoom.

Thanks for the tips. I guess I’ll have more outside shots than anything or daylight or well lit. Maybe the odd low light once in a while (christmas concerts etc) But I do like zoom.