DVD camcorders - Convenience but at a price

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  With  the popularity of DVD players, consumers are also getting interested in finally  replacing tape altogether with optical disc.  Currently most camcorders are still tape  based...
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Just wait until the Mini Blu-ray’s from Sony comes out. 20 or so gigs makes it much more feasible to do this in high quality for, say, a wedding or birthday, which everyone seems to use their camcorders for.
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As long as Sony Doesn’t Convert it to ATRAC it should be pretty good if they will do it. That could be Almost 10Gigs a 3" Disc. I thought i saw a camcorder that records to Compact Flash with Divx. That would be Cool!
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give me DV with linear PCM audio anyday…

will we soon see a dvd digital camera? since were moving to 8 megapixel camera’s a 1.4 gig dvd would be nice to have as storage.

HD ( high definition) camera will be super nice ! :slight_smile:
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Why hasnt anyone designed a unit you can swap out 20 gig or more hard drive that a camcorder can record to. You can clip it on your belt or hang it over your shoulder. I can picture a camcorder with swapable mini hard drives. WHAT are they waiting for? I HATE TAPE. Especially when I have to capture to hard drive.

Kevin2, several companies have put HDs in camcorders already. Maybe we’ll see them more mainstream in future. For the masses though, cheap removable tapes (recording in high quality formats) are the go. If they do mainstream hard drive-based models, I hope there are no compromises with the recording formats like these disc-based ones. I still have an aversion to HDs in portable devices. I simply don’t trust them in PCs for long-term storage, let alone portables. Not cheap to replace either…