DVD camcorders becomes fastest growing camcorder format

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 Since the time Sony's  market leading Walkman cassette player was taken over with CD and later MP3  players, they have failed to lead the market no matter what they offered when  it came to...
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No thanks. I would rather have a 30 gig hard drive in my Camcorder. Let me edit my way. :S

Agreed. A JVC Everio GZ-MG70 with a 30 gig micro hard drive for a cool grand. That’s what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas. :g
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Not just a matter of storage capacity, DVD cameras record MPEG 2 format and if you intend to edit it you get trouble compared to the “old” DV-AVI format. Ok you get a disc you can play but if you just do it your family/friends/guests will pay the price to watch wall the scenes you did record…not the best way to get a name as a film maker (even if just a family film maker)

Give me MiniDV any day.

preach it brother! FAST, no-hassle editing (who shoots with no editing required?) and no mpeg2 anomalies. Plenty of storage space per tape without DVD space and format constraints. The market just gravitates to what’s perceived as easier, and that’s what we’re seeing here.

95% of people don’t know how to edit their video and don’t want the hassle of having to import the large video file into their PC and probably not all of those people know how to burn the DVD from that file. You’d be surprised how many people only watch their video by playing their tapes in their camera with video out to the TV. The average consumer would prefer direct to DVD recording. I’d have to say that while I’m a graphic designer and have all the skills to edit the video and create pro effects, when I buy a vid camera I plan on getting a direct to DVD camera and only edit video as an after thought. Lazyness wins!

you want to limit your treasured videos to horrendous mpeg2 and horrendous lossy audio because it’s easier to just record to disc? I just don’t get it, Rhelic. MiniDV quality is miles ahead of these fake formats! As a graphics guy yourself knowing a thing or two about quality (and the importance of getting original work in the highest quality available, and maybe just distributing a lower quality copy), I don’t understand how you can go with the disc. Even if you do no editing, dumping to disc and burning a DVD from it is a cinch. Don’t your once-in-a-lifetime moments deserve to be archived to the best possible quality (within reasonable price)? So, when new formats come out (and they will), you don’t have to reconvert from a low-quality master (DVD) to another format, 5-10 years from now? You’ll have a far higher quality MiniDV format to work from, with lossless audio. I think your memories are well worth the higher quality alternative and can’t imagine anyone who cares about quality going for the direct-to-disc cams.

I had this discussion many times and I guess I am still not tired having it. :slight_smile: Being an extremely happy owner of a Sony DVD403 camcorder and having a chance to see miniDV recordings I can tell you: MiniDV for non-professional use SUCKS! 1. You can’t watch it on a dvd player, being the most widespread way of watching video. You can’t distribute it to your broader family or friends like that. You have to convert it. Any conversion (that you will be watching, not the original dv) will be worse than my mpeg2 recorded footage. You will be compressing twice, me only once. At HQ setting I do 9.1mbps for video and let me tell you… IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Even on older tv-s, let alone on wide screens etc. 2. I do 16:9 video right from the start. 3. Dolby 5.1 AC3 audio right there. 4. Editing… he he. All I have to do is put together selected clips (cut & paste, no transcoding and re-encoding) and bind it through a dvd menu. Creating menus and navigation pieces alone takes a lot of time (selecting art mostly - music, images, animations,…), let alone having to re-encode it. With good selection of templates it could be a breeze, creating a dvd. 5. Blank disks are NOT expensive. Double sided Optodisc is $3.75, Canadian (of course Sony charges 7 times more, but that’s Sony for you, Optodisc works flawlessly). 6. Tapes… seeking, rewinding… back forward. Oh, I had it with tapes. Long time ago. 6. 3MP digital camera with flash included. And finally, if you are so concerned with having family video be of the utmost quality, why don’t you get real professional equipment and do full DV. You know, miniDV still “screws up” video by compressing it… 7:1. I am absolutely sure that on tv you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between my original hq mpeg2 and your miniDV, especially your re-encoded miniDV into mpeg2. It is so obvious. And finally speaking about people who would be watching it and enjoying it… there would be no difference. It’s only that I had my work finished in less time and with less effort. There! :slight_smile: About hard drives… not so good with vibrations… as usual. Only the solid state memory, when it becomes cheap enough could make me switch… but only if it does mpeg2 … or whatever the current most widespread format for watching video is at the time. Finally, with 9.1mbps I could even re-encode it and it would still look good.

I have an Hitachi DZ-GX20 2 Megapixel camera and I’m really happy with it. I use DVD-RAM with 10 mbps vbr and native 16:9 format, edit my videos and finally I copy them in cheap mini DVD-R (and 3 of them in quality DVD as a back up). The mini DVD-R can be played directly in most DVD players and can be copied as easy to anyone who wants it. Since I have the camera I did 2 “real” DVD with chapters and menus. It’s too time wasting! I think the only problems that this camera really have is the limited edit capabilities and the lack of progressive scan…

my cam is hd