DVD camcorder -R and -RW only



Choosen a DVD camcorder that only suppurt -R and -RW can cause me any problems in the future? :frowning: , this camcorder has all that I need except that doesn’t support +R and +RW. Should I buy it.


It’s surely because there is no 8cm dvd+r/RW media available…


You will always run into a few dvd players that don’t like -r or -rw dvd’s. You will also run into dvd players that don’t like +r or +rw. It shouldn’t be a big issue as long as you use quality brand dvd’s. If you run into a standalone that doesn’t like -r, simply copy it to your pc, and rewrite it to a +r.


Thank you very much!!!

Can I copy these kind of mini DVD into a regular DVD+R with any standard software like Nero?


You could surely, if they are not protected.

But try with RW first.


But you don’t mean this with 8cm here


Hehe, missed tha one.
8cm -r/rw is out since a long time now, the + side really slowed it down.

But dvd camcorder manufacturers love and believe in only one format so far…