Dvd burnt disc checker

I dont know what you would call this, but does anyone know of any software app that can check the quality of a dvd movie once it has been burnt. I had a a problem where a movie i had mdae was corrupted (but playable) in certain parts throughout the 90mins duration. these were glitches and freezes indicating a bad burn? or something (original file is ok). I realise that burn errors occur naturally throughout and are error corrected etc, but I seem to recall there was a way of checking burn quality?

Ideally i dont want to have to sit through 90 mins of disc i have just burn to check the quality, so is there anything that could do the job in a fraction of the time (it seems feasible to my naive view?)

seems to me you are looking for [B]NERO CD/DVD Speed Tool…[/B]

It will scan a burned dvd & give you the results in 5-15 min., depending on the length of the burn, etc.

download here -

regards, katz :slight_smile:

You could also try vso inspector

Or K-Probe

Thanks a million guys. I am finding that making DVD is 100x more difficult and time consuming than the old and fairly simple VCDs, I will report my experiences of the disc checkers as and when for your info

incidentally, i began to have bad experiences with vcds i had made a couple of years ago. they were “fading” and becoming unreadable after as little as 6 months. after much searching i found others had similar experience and it turned out to be substandard fake disks which used poor quality dye. the media no doubt originated from the far east but it showed that you couldnt rely on a cdrom to store precious data. There were no guarantees about disc life and no one talks about 10 years anymore. I am told that DVD technology is much better in this respect but my recent experience with a jittery dvd has shaken my faith, would you agree?

I have had great luck with Verbatim 16x DVD media on my BenQ’s.

Verbatim also have released in the past these “Digital Movie” DVD blanks that kind of look like movie reels. They work well for me too.

Good luck.