DVD burnt By Memorex DVD Burner not Detected in SONY DVD Burner

[qanda]This thread is about the Memorex DVD+RW/+R External. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I burnt a dvd using memorex Dvd burner which is an external dvd burner,i did multisession and added some files in the second session.

When i try to open the dvd in a Sony Dvd Drive, its not detecting the files written into the dvd in the second session.

Is there any way to make the Sony dvd Drive read those files ?

Please help

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Multisession is known to not be always working (in my personal experience it never worked) with DVD media, but it works perfectly with CD discs.

If you can recover all data with the memorex drive, my suggestion is to copy all data on hard disk and then burn again data on a write once disc.

The most reliable alternative (even if I still suggest to use write once media) is to use a RAM disc and a proper packet writing software to use it like a large “floppy” disc, but this system is very often failing because the packet writing softwares are very often failing and you are anyway at risk to loose all data :frowning:

If you can afford, the best solution is an external HDD :slight_smile:

@ debhotz,

I agree with Forum Member geno888 comments concerning DVD “Multisession”. I personally have found DVD “Multisession” to be very problematic and unreliable. It should be noted that the DVD Forum’s (DVD Consortium) Official “DVD Format Specifications” do not include DVD “Multisession”.