DVD burns fine, but fails verification

Looking for help guys. I purchased a LiteOn 812s last month but haven’t made a decent burn yet. I use Nero Ultra 6.6 on Windows XP. So far I have made about 20 coasters.

I’ve been trying to backup my data from my hard disk to DVDs. On my compilation, I tagged a total 4.7 gigs of files to fill up the DVD. Nero does not spurt any errors on the whole burning process. However, I get errors when verifying the freshly burned DVD. During the verification process it freezes at about 80+%, and I have to press Cancel to stop verifying, and then Nero tells me there’s some files that are unreadable.

I’ve tried exploring the DVD after burning and I get CRC errors.

Here’s what I’ve done so far to try to fix the error, but I still get the same problem:

  1. Ensured the drive is set to DMA.
  2. Set the drive as the master on the Secondary IDE Channel.
  3. Defragged my HD.
  4. Shut down all uneccessary apps and services.
  5. Upgraded to a 450w power supply.
  6. Tried different media, both DVD+R and DVD-R, from generic to TDK to Verbatim.
  7. Tried to burn a different compilation.
  8. Reinstalled Nero several times.
  9. Detached the writer from my PC and tried it on a friend’s PC.

All the thing’s I’ve tried above had no effect. I’m still churning out coasters. Is DVD writing really that hard? What am I missing?

So far I have two more things I want to try:

  1. Try another DVD writing software. Any recommendations?
  2. Try burning less than the full 4.7g. But if it worked I’d always be wondering why I couldn’t burn the whole 4.7gs?

Any ideas guys?

If this goes on I’m thinking about replacing the burner.

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Detached the writer from my PC and tried it on a friend’s PC.
    and the dvds were STILL coasters ?
    hmm, get i pioneer, that liteon sounds like itz stuffed.

Have you tried updating the firmware for the Litey? If not go to the Liteon forum and see what they have.

dvds hold 4.xx gig of data, a gig is more than 1 billion bytes. media manuf. state it as 1 billion, software people state it at the corect figure. nero should tell you that the files you are trying to burn are greater than the disk can hold.

A single layer DVD will hold a max of 4.36GB 4.7 is too big you’re probably overburning and some of the files at the end are currupt.