DVD Burns but only plays back on computer



I have a pioneer DVR-A09XLB which has been working fine up till now. I am running Clone DVD and whilst the burning process works fine and the movie can be viewed on the computers DVD player when I put it in a stand alone DVD player it cannot read the disc. As I said this has only occured recently prior to this the burner was working fine and played on all DVD players.


What firmware is on your drive currently? I remember hearing about this on very early firmwares when the drive first came out however the later firmwares (1.40, 1.50) no longer have this issue.


Thankyou for your advice I have downloaded the latest firmware and again thanks. I have since found that the burnt DVD will play on a Playstation and another stand alone DVD. I have used the same media firmware etc. Do you have any knowledge if burnt DVD’s can change in format so a stand alone DVD willl no longer recognise media when it previously would?


If you use crap media like Princo :puke: the recorded data will fastly “fade away” and become unreadable…