Dvd burnout

I was searching through some forums and i came across something that said that their dvd drive burnt out… i was just wondering if every drive eventually burns out or if they just had a bad model.

Cheers in advance.

well everything has to end some day :slight_smile: dvd burners are no different

if you mean physically burned/smoked then no it isnt normal

If I understand right, laser diodes usally have a specific average life. Maybe that is what you are thinking of, the laser burning out? They do last quite a long time though.

yeah i spose thats it… but on the website it said that his only lasted 9 months

if he thrashed it its possible i mean you can burn alot of discs in 9 months, dont ask me how many you can burn! every drive is different, but if he used it normally then it was probably defective

A long term user who burned a ton of burners over time and ran them all until they dropped stated he thought they lasted around 15,000 of ON time, not burn time.

Hard to say today as the cost of the parts is so cheap. At $40 I usually am happy to get past the warranty, NEC 3500 excepted. That one needs to last forever.

…erm what do you mean by this? i have an nec 3540

probably because as far as im aware its discontinued and is one of the best NEC burners they ever made some would even say ‘the best’

As Brownstone surmised, it is my all time best burner and I hope it will last forever. As I now use YUDEN000 T02 almost exclusively, all my burners are as good. I will still miss the 3500, though.

I have to agree. MY 3500 is the best burner I have ever had. It will burn anything decent and it burns good media very well. I’ll be quite unhappy when/if it dies.