DVD burning



Hi, I amied to burn using new to DVD burning . I am trying to burn a mpeg movie clip ( 2.1 GB ) on a DVD as per details

driver : HP DVD RW AD - 7701H ATA device

disc : sony accucore DVD-RW ( 4.7 GB ) 1x-2x

Tried to burn both my nero express & windows dvd maker. bit got error messages

nero : burned to fail at 2x
windows : could not overwrite. use another disc.

Please help me out. I am clueless.


Hello arindomch and welcome to the forums!

You are having a problem burning your movie because the media you are trying to use. Is there a particular reason you are trying to use a rewritable disc? There should be an option in Nero to erase the rewritable disc. Try to erase the disk (you can choose the quick erase option) and try the burn again. If these steps fail, your disk is probably kaput. Once again, if you need to use rewritable media for some reason, let us know and we can recommend higher quality disks.

We recommend using write once Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden DVD+R or DVD-R media for almost all applications.


Download ImgBurn & do a full erase with it .
You can also use ImgBurns’ Tools/Drive/Capabilities to make sure your DVD burner will write to a -RW disc.


It does, I checked on that: