Dvd burning

I’ve burned a couple of dvd’s but my tv won’t play them. It says they need to be finalized. How do I do that?

What burning software are you using?

I burn them from my windows media player

I don’t use any version of MediaPlayer so I don’t know how it’s done using it, but Imgburn (freeware), http://www.imgburn.com/, has an option to finalize a disk.

great. Thanks so much for the help

To close a track/session/disk select Tools from the top menu then it should be Drive Close. Be sure you have your disk in the drive.

You might save the data on the disc to your harddrive before using ImgBurn to Close(finalize) the disc.
I tried it on a -R recently & it made it unreadable.
Most of the time it ImgBurn has worked for this.

How do you save it to your hard drive. i am burning movies I downlaoded but no prgram will recognize them

If you have them downloaded to your harddrive then your already have the data saved on your harddrive.
Downloaded movies are sometimes a problem here but I’m going to assume they were legally downloaded.
You should be able to Build an .iso with ImgBurn in Build mode then Write it to disc with Write mode.
Whether your your DVD player will play the disc depends if it recognizes the file format you burn to the disc.
All DVD players should recognize DVD compliant format .

they sure are. I’ll keep working on it. My pc burns them but won’t finalize them.

[QUOTE=marx68;2543439]they sure are. I’ll keep working on it. My pc burns them but won’t finalize them.[/QUOTE]
Are the files & folders DVD compliant format ?
This is a AUDIO_TS folder (empty) & VIDEO_TS folder with .ifo , .bup , & .vob files in it.

what is that. you can tell I am new to this

What folders or files are you trying to burn ?