Dvd burning

help i try to burn a dvd i have a samsung super writemaster but it makes a cd rom



could you please specify more detailled?
What drive do you have exactly?
What software are you using to burn (and what operating system)?
What media are you using? DVD Identifier helps here.


sorry bit thick on all that im using cd burner xp i think i have the wrong drive

Hmm. :confused:

Well, without the information requested, we can’t give much help.

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think its my drive had new harddrive and reinstall have a samsung writemaster using cd burnerxp but can only make cdroms not dvds TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S2O2J any help???

pls help a lady in need

Okay. Try ImgBurn and post the log file.

And be patient, please. This is a forum where you get help from volunteers, that will or will not answer. This is not a paid service company where you can expect a solution within short time.

So nobody answered your question for 13 minutes and then you decided to cross-post AND whine about it in this thread? :doh:

Please don’t crosspost tracythefox1. Making more than one thread on the subject is against forum rules.

You’ll have to give us a lot more details on what is happening with your drive. Please list

  1. Which operating system you are using.
  2. Whether you are trying to burn data or a video
  3. Which burning program are you using
  4. What speed are you burning at
  5. What blank dvds you are using…be very specific

tried img it still says cdrom when i put it in a dvd player

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Ok that’s it. Time for this show to close.

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