Dvd burning

OK i finally figured out with the help of some of you . i have got my movie converted the way it should be and i had to use dvd shrink and then i burned it. which worked. but now im seeing the problem that the audio is going faster than the video. so the words are coming out before there mouths say it. What did io do wrong? any help will be tremendously appreciated. thank you let me know

What did you use for conversion?
Does converted file play OK in software player?
Does original file play OK?
Use VLC (free) player to watch

I used dvd flick for conversion, then used dvd shrink to shrink it and then used Imgburn to burn it. and it playes great in my dvd player. but the audio is faster than the video. Now wheni converted it, it gave me 2 files which is Audio_TS and Video_TS but the audio was empty, so when i sed the shrinker i only took over the video. sould that have anything to do with it. But since the audio folder was empty i didnt think i would need it. let me know

Audio folder is always empty. This go back to beginning of DVD specs.
Get VLC and check each file the way I told you.

Oh and yeah the original file playes fine, the audio and video are ok the voice is moving with there mouth.

Ok Im feel like a dummy asking but what is VLC?

VLC is a self contained media player, not reliant on outside codecs. You can find it here: www.videolan.org

By the way, you should not have had to use DVDShrink on the output from DVDFlick. DVDFlick should have a setting to output small enough to fit a dvdr without further compression.

Audio/video sync problems like this are almost always due to a failure in the conversion. You might try a different program that does the same type of conversion, like FAVC or AVStoDVD.

Ok i just did a search on it and found out what is was thank you. But i just played the original file in Nero Showtime 7 and it played great. But when i converted it, shrank it and burned it is when the video was faster than the audio. i dont know how to fix it. Or is that what VLC is going to do?

You should test the file that came out of DVDFlick separately. See if the conversion process caused the audio/video sync problem.

What size is it? Why did you have to use Shrink?

VLC is not going to solve the problem. We just wanted you to have something that would play the video.

Yes, VLC was only to be able to play file at different stage of processing.
I red many post lately, complaining about audio/video out of sync using Flic.
There are other converters, free or payed, see here.


Most people use ConvertXtoDVD.

If you started with an AVI open it in this app.


After you 'generate data…" check the audio stream and see if the has a delay (it will also say ‘bad’). If it does save it (Start) and convert the new avi (it will no longer have a delay) in DVDFlick again.