DVD burning



Hi all. Kinda new to using dvd,s and have a question. I want to put my downloads from cd,s onto a dvd, however everytime I try to add a new file the program wants to first erase the dvd and then add the new file. Is there a way around this? Any and all help appreciated and thanks, pc_mikelee.


Some more details are needed :slight_smile:

What software are you using exactly? What discs (I imagine from your question that you are using a rewritable media)?

Are you trying to create a multisession disc?


I have used both Roxio and Nero. So I usually copy the dvd contents to a folder on my harddrive and add the new folder and copy all contents back to dvd after the program erases the disk. Seems like a lotta rewritting just to add another file. Cd,s seemed a lot easier but limited space. Not sure about multisession and I do burn as data.


If I understood correctly then you are trying to create a multisession DVD. For some reason I don’t know, the multisession very often is not working correctly in DVD, but it works perfectly with CD discs.

The only solution is to avoid the multisession mode at all :frowning: