DVD Burning

Can anyone help with burning a dvd… I downloaded rip it for me, dvd decryptor, and dvd shrink. I get through everything and open the file in my hard drive, and there are two options; 1 is the title of the movie and the other is the title and then says domestic. Why cant i burn this to a dvd??? Can someone help? :a


Hello amvet
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1st There are two DVD Shrink 3.2 out the lastest version allows you to use image burn to burn the movie to your blank disc
2nd I do not know which one you have or if you have image burn…so i have added the websites , Please NOTE that may have to copy the links to your address bar in your browser.
Anyway the DVD Shrink for imgburn is

And the website page for Imgburn is

Just in case you do not have the latest version of [B]DVDFab [U]Decrypyter[/U][/B] here is the download page for it

After you have all three on your computer, AND if you already have the movie you want to backup or copy on your computer OPEN DVD Shrink and click on “OPEN FILES” now find and select the movie FOLDER in the browser window and click OK.

DVD Shrink will Analize the movie after it gets done you can click on the “BACKUP” button at the top, WHEN you do this a window will open called “BACKUP DVD”

Where it says “Select Backup Target” open that drop down window and you will see in the list 3 catagouries “BURN WITH NERO” “CREATE ISO IMAGE FILE” and "CREATE DVD FILES"
Under the Create ISO Image File you want to select and click on [B]“ISO Image File and burn with Imgburn”[/B] and click OK this should start the coping process

If you do not have the movie on your computer use [B]DVDFab [U]Decrypter[/U][/B] to decrypt and copy to your computer

PS…Hope this helps you

i have bought and paid for dvdfab platinum and it works fine on my laptop, but on my new desktop,that i just built, everything works fine, except that the program freezes during the finalization process. i can even look at part of the movies, but i have to restart the computer everytime after it freezes and it never finishes finalizing. has anyone heard of this and if so, what can i do to fix it?