DVD Burning!

Can someone please enlighten me on how you can burn avi (MST3K) files with a good DVD burning software.Im using Roxio Easy DVD & CD Creator 6 and Nero 7,and just when there ready to burn the movie they stop halfway through and I never can complete it.I tried usng TMPGenc (I think that’s how it’ spelled lol) it says the file is unsupported.Can someone please help me!?

OK can someone please help because this has increasingly become a major problem.

It is possible (although I am not sure that is the problem) that the format of the AVI, the actual encoding, is really not supported. A suggestion, although it is time-consuming and may lead to loss of quality, could be using Virtual Dub to re-encode into the latest version of DivX, or Xvid, or whatever you prefer, to be sure that the AVI’s are not encoded with some weird codec.

I tried using DVD files ready to burn but it still failed to make the DVD.

tHIS PROBLEM Has to do with rootkit virus that I have been fighting for 4 months before I heard anything about SONY BMW andSunncomm.com problem. Google it .

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OK…Anyway Im able to create those VIDEO_TS files
Now I have 2 questions what’s a good program to make DVD Menu’s and what’s a good one to actually transfer the ripped files to the blank disc.