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Ive been trying to burn vcd formats to the dvd+rw discs but it won’t. I’m trying to burn it using vcd format because it saves more space than svcd and vcd quality is ok with me.
What formats can I burn in dvd+rw? svcd and mini dvd?
I also don’t understand what mini dvd in nero means, is it the same as the normal dvd?

Also, how can I know if my drive supports HD Burning?



Im not sure that you can burn in vcd format onto dvd’s full stop. Because VCD stands for VIDEO CD.

The best thing to do would be to get nero and tell it to burn in a dvd format.
If you want nero you can download a trial of nero 6 from here

and as for a mini dvd.
when you open your dvd you will see a small ring in the middle. This is what a mini dvd fits into. they hold about half the data as a dvd.

AS for burning from the hard drive i think all drives are capable of this as long as the hard drive is on a seperate IDE bus


Holla Xeth, and welcome to CD-Freaks!

As I understand it, VCD and SVCD are both formats ment for writing CD-R’s that will play in DVD players. (750 and 800 meg cd’s) This is not ment for writing to DVD media.

Mini DVD is just that, small dvd’s that only hold 1.46 Gigs each, and are actualy SMALLER than full sized DVD’s, such as the one’s listed here:


Lastly, is I’m not mistaken, HD burning just writes an iso file to your hard disk. This has nothing to do with the drive’s abilities.

If I’m off anywhere here, plese correct me.




VCD resolution is DVD compliant and your player(s) should have no problem in that respect. The audio sampling rate, however is 44kHz for VCD, versus 48kHz for DVD. So you must convert the audio first, then author.

Here are a couple of guides:



Good luck. :wink:


:cop: HD is manufacturer specific, or at least was a short time ago.


Thanks for the tips
When I wrote HD Burning, I meant High Density burning, I’ve read somewhere in this forum that some drives support this. They are able to write data at 1.7gb on a 700 mb cdr disks. I just don’t know if it’s software or hardware related. I’m using the liteon 1673s.

I’ve also read in this forum that almost all dvd players support Dual Layer dvds. So if I’m not mistaken, I wouldn’t have any problem burning dual layer discs and playing them on my dvd player and other dvd player because the normal size of dvds are over 4.7gb. My dvd player is rather new, a pioneer dv-655a. correct me if I’m wrong thanks.

I have another question, the use of the book type utility of nero is to change the way the dvd players recognize the +rw disks so it can read them? I’ve read the manual and that’ how I understand it.


Most DVD players do in fact support dual layer playback. I’ve actualy yet to come across one that doesn’t, but I’m sure they exist. (VERY early models) Truth is, most factory pressed DVD movies are ON dual layer disks. Unfortunately, most of us use software such as DVD Shrink to make our backups fit on 4.7 gig media as dual layer is still pretty cost-prohibitave, so finding real-world reporting on peoples successes and failures with playback using dual layer is still a bit limited and will probably require some pretty intensive searching on your behalf. The DVD section under the media forum may help a LITTLE, but keep in mind that it is primarily ment to be used for posting SCAN results, NOT playback results for, “stand-alone,” or, “set-top,” type DVD players.

Reguarding book-type setting, each disk has a book-type bit that tells the machine what type of disk it is. SOME players only like disks that are recognized as, “DVD-ROM,” type. If you do a search here on, “Booktype setting,” you’ll find SCADS of threads. Here’s one for example:


Lastly, I’m pretty sure that if you bitset a +RW (Re-Writable) disk to DVD-ROM, you will NO LONGER be able to re-write the disk. Therefore, if your standalone REQUIRES bitset disks, you should be burning standard +R’s as bitsetting +RW’s defeats the purpose of using re-writeable disks in the first place. (+RW media costs more than +R becasue is IS re-writeable, and also it burns slower. Only 4X in most cases.)



Not true. I burn most of my rental movies to +RW bitset to DVD-ROM for viewing on my time schedule and erase to use again. I have discs that have been burned and erased dozens of times.


HD Burn is hardware specific. Sanyo chipsets support HD Burn and NERO also supports HD Burn. My Optorite 1205 supports this functionality, but I really don’t use it. DVD drives are supposed to be able to read HD Burn discs but again I haven’t tested it. It also requires specific media to support this capability.


ok how can i put the avi files that are on my hd to dvd.


Cool. I’d assumed, (falsely, obviously,) that setting the booktype from RW to ROM would have made the disk, “Un-Eraseable.”



Hello again
As you know I’m new to this Dvd burning.
I’m having trouble with my burned dvd. At first the video and audio are at sync, Then after a little while, the video becomes choppy and the voice and video becomes out of sync. Is there something wrong with the encoding process? I’m using nero vision express.
In the video options
quality=custom but it’s still super long play
sample format=automatic
bitrate=1691 kbits/s
encoding mode=high quality (2 pass vbr)

Would there be any difference if I’m going to choose progressive in sample format or any other?
In encoding mode, should I just use fast encoding? Is there a large difference in quality between high quality and fast encoding?
thanks again


A couple things: The gradual going out of sync then video breakup is a classic symptom of wrong audio sampling rate. And at that video bitrate, anything you do at full D-1 rez (720x480) is gunna look like pure crap.

As for Nero Vision Express, well… I suggest you go to www.videohelp.com and look up some guides. Then look in the Tools section. There are a number of freeware alternatives that are better.

Seriously, read some guides. :slight_smile: