DVD burning windows 64-bit

hey all, what is the best dvd burning program to use with windows xp 64 bit?


CloneDVD and AnyDVD are both compatible with 64 bit Windows.

Most will argue they are the best products and for the least $.

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AnyDVD for sure, keep getting the updates as this allows you to burn anything.

I use Nero 7 for my burner though. New, good dvd players will have no trouble playing what you burn with Clone DVD2. Older, or cheap players may skip a little. I choose to use Nero Recode 2 for my burning; it is much slower (about 3 times as long from start to finish) but I have had perfect burns which will play on any device. I just use the advanced analysis feature on Nero (makes the file twice and checks against itself for jitters).

AMD x2 5000+
2G ddr2
raid 1 75G sata 300
xp 64
writemaster dual layer burner