DVD burning very slow


I bought a GSA-H10A burning a month ago. This drive burned DVDs only at 2X or so (using DVD-R Samsung media rated for 8x). I had also problems trying to make multisession DVDs.

The vendor changed the drive for a new GSA-H20N but it is also working slow. I burned a DVD (Samsung Pleomax DVD-R 8x) with 4 Gb and it taked 25 minutes to burn.

I do not know what could be the cause of this problem (hardware, software?) but I guess now it is reasonable discard problems with the drive itself (H10A had similar problem).

The situation is this:

OS: Windows 98
Motherboard: Intel 815
Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz
Memory: 512 Mb PC133
IDE 1: Master: HD 30 Gb, Slave: HD 120 Gb
IDE 2: Master: GSA-H20N (no slave)
SCSI: Sony CRX140S (CD burner)

DMA is enabled for GSA-H10N

Burning software: Nero Express version bundled

If it matters, I have installed also WinOnCD 5 (and it is working perfectly with Sony burner but does not see LG burner).

(antivirus and firewall shuted down)

Thanks in advance.


why don’t you post that in the section for your burner, according to the rules? :cop:

btw: use better media. Samsung is often crap.


check if u r using 80 wire cable. Also, yes, try different media. There may not be a strategy for your samsung in the firmware. Reflash the firmware with the latest official one… and write us back :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael, I will follow your suggestion (other media).

I did not put my message in a specific forum because I guess the problem is not related with this specific model or brand. The problem seems more general (lack of functionality in the motherboard or the OS or something so general).

Avoid Multisession on DVD!!

Use better media, Samsung media is known to be crap.

Check that DMA mode is enabled.


About IDE cables, both were 80 wires (hard disks IDE1 and DVD recorder IDE2).

I tried 2 differente media in this way:

  1. Egital DVD-R rated 8X, burninig multissesion (yes, I am a stubborn, hardheaded) using NTI CD&DVD Maker. The speed did not improve (23 minutes for about 4 Gb). The disk result unreadable in my desktop (Windows 98) but it is readable in my laptop (Windows XP).

  2. xPro DVD-R rated 8X, burning whitout multisession using Nero Express 6. Nope, speed slow (more than 10 minutes to burn about 2 Gb).

After this I decided to enable DMA on hard disks. I was reluctant to do so bacause I had inestability problems in the past enabling DMA. (now, I guess the problem was related with the cable, I do not remeber but it is possible I was using a 40 wires cable).

With DMA enabled I burned a Samsung Pleomax DVD-R (rated 8X). Success!!! 4 Gb burned in 8 minutes (total time, including lead in and lead out). (this disk is NOT multissesion).

I leaved DMA enabled for both hard disks (since several days ago) and there is no problem. The desktop is very well tested: it is used by my wife, my four sons and even by my mother in law, this computer has a hard job.

On the other hand, about media quality:

I am burning CDs since 1997 and I have tried several CDR brands: Verbatim, Imation, Maxell, Samsung, TDK and Sony (and others).

I have had bad experiences with Verbatim and Sony. Other brands worked well almost all times.

I have used Samsung CD media recently (more than 50 CDs) without problems.

I suppose Samsung DVD media is good, perharps not the “better”, but good.

Thanks to Michael, FidelC and chef

No problemo :wink: BTW u can get much better media quality statistics if u go by the media code, not the labels. Like Maxell may have Japanese MXL or TY code or be cheap chinese Ritek… Take a look at Disk Info tab in nero CD-DVD Speed.