DVD burning verification errors/Nero and ImgBurn

Hi, I have an LG DVD burner (GSA-H42N) that I’ve used for the last year without any problems. For burning DVD’s I use either Nero Burning Rom v7.9.6.0 or ImgBurnv2.4.1.0 and I never had any issues with them either. I always include the burn verification as part of the burning process.Yesterday as I was trying to burn a DVD5 with Nero everything went fine except that in the verification process when it reached 90% it started reporting I/O Read Errors in various sector ranges of the DVD disk. So I aborted the process. Thinking that it might’ve been Nero the issue, I burned a new DVD5 with ImgBurn and the sane problem: when it reached the verification stage it started reporting the same error after 90% of the verification. Both DVD’s can be exploired in its contents with Windows Explorer and can be played with any DVD player (VLC, PowerDVD, etc). So,

  • Is this a software issue or is it the DVD burner that is failing?
  • The DVD’s I burned as described above are “coasters” or can I keep them as valid DVD’s?

This case is closed, please refer to this link: