DVD Burning Troubles

Hey peeps, i’m new here as ya can tell! :smiley:

My brother just bought smallville season 1 on DVD, and i went about “backing” them up to watch on my journey down south soon. However i begun to watch the 1st disc at home and near the end of the last episode on the first disc, it begun to lock up… I tried it on numerous DVD players a panasonic, toshiba, Xbox 360 etc… The DVD files played fine on my PC so i thought i would reburn the data, the problem cam up again. I then tried ripping and burning the 2nd disc, still got the same problems.

Now ripping the disc isnt an issue as thats fine, the files playback perfectly on the PC and i have been doing this plenty of times before!

I use Stomp RecordNow MAX 4.5 for burning files, i also tried Alcohol 120% on the second burn.

I have a NEC1300A DVD-RW (FW: v1.9)

And i am burning onto Datawrite 8X Titanium Printable discs. I’m beginning to think it is the discs as i have always used Ritek prinatble before but went for these this time as there were a little cheaper.

Anyone know the problem? Is it just the discs? Or is it time to get a new DVD burner?


it does sound as if it’s a media problem.

if you can, buy some verbatim or TY from www.rima.com (thats if your from the US)

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It’s time for a new burner really as it’s becoming harder to find suitable 4x & 8x media for the 1300. Part of the trouble is that even if a particular brand used to work there’s every chance that the dye used (Media ID) will change & no longer be suitable.

I dumped my 1100 several years ago & it’s virtually identical to the 1300 you have.

Yeah i think i will purchase one at the end of the month. I’ve had 2 1300’s over 3 years and they’ve been good drives, i want to stick with NEC, are the 4570’s worth buying?

I’ve got a 4570 and I’m very disappointed with it. It only burns a few media well & there are no firmware updates from NEC after 6 months.

The 355x & 455x drives are better I think.

The better bets are Benq 1650 & Pioneer 111D. I’ve got both & am very pleased with them.