DVD Burning Time



I suddenly am having problems with the length of time it takes to burn dvds. Normally it takes 15 mins (at 4x) speed and now it takes an hour. The other problem (which may be connected) is that some programs (dvd shrink/ titlesetblanker/dvd decriptor have to be re installed every time I need to use them! Any suggestions gratefully received.


Sounds like your drive/ide channel, reverted to PIO mode when it should be in DMA mode. Check that DMA is enabled on the burner. Here’s a link to help you do this. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616


Thanks I will try it out and see


Also check your resources in windows task manager under the performance tab during the actual burn. It could be you are running short on memory or something. in xp, hit ctrl, alt, del for task manager.


I doubt whether I would be running short of memory, but it is something I will try. So far I’ve tried the first bit of advice (about checking for using DMA in channels) and there was evidence of a possible problem. i.e. PIA or O or something. I did try a reburn with the DMA checked but the burn still took an hour (rather than the 15 mins it was supposed to) I haven’t tried the other bits of advice yet, so I hope to try that soon. I have also noticed on boot up something about ’ no conductor on ide 2’ although it whizzes over too fast to really see what it says. At present I have two HD’s on IDE 1 and the DVD burner and a dvd combie on IDE 2. It has worked fine before with that set up so if I can’t solve the problem I might try putting the burner as slave on IDE 1 and see how that works. The whole problem seemed to start when I installed a programme ‘Kar CD+G?’ and even though I’ve tried a full restall and avoided installing the program it has never been the same since!


I would try rebooting several times and try to figure out what that error message is. It might not hurt to try a diffrent ide cable too.


Try Removing the ide drives and controler in device manger,then reboot, all so some MB"s have a seting in the bios to enable(some do not) have you flashed your bios or had any bios problems?


Already tried a different IDE cable, and removing IDE (didn’t do IDE1 cos I thought that might be risky and IDE2 seems to be the one suggesting a problem) Can’t see any BIOS settings that concern DMA and have also flashed a new BIOS (some time ago). Perhaps if I can’t solve the problem I may see if there is an update. I’ll try and get exactly what error message about IDE2 is and post it, although it burned normally before even when the error message still came up. The thing which also seems puzzling is that, after I’ve done a burn, some programs that came up before (like smartripperand titlesetblanker) seem to be made useless! I have the feeling it might be to do with burning engines (although I know hardly anything about burning engines!)


Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to fix your problems in more then one month… :sad:

Make sure you use a 80 conductor IDE cable for your opticals. Some motherboards just don’t enable DMA mode without it.

More, you seem to have a software problem. Maybe on time to reformat and make a fresh install of OS and your other apps.

Please post an output from Nero InfoTool.

“Click the diskette button at the top of InfoTool to save the report to a text file, and then copy-and-paste the report into your post, enclosed within [ CODE ][ /CODE ] tags.”


Thanks, but I have had some success. Regarding the bootup it states ‘Secondary ide channel no 80 conductor cable installed’ which I sort of guessed. I thought wrongly that these cables are only important for hard drives and so have never bothered with one (both DVD drives are on this) Anyway it still used to work fine before. Good idea about the infotool and I’ll do that. And this is already a new install so I’m not going through that again unless I have to.

I said I’d had some sucess. It now burns at the correct speed. The problem seems to be with the ide drivers. For some reason the original drivers don’t work (Itried reinstalling them with no success) and when I installed the drivers that preumably come packaged with windows - hey presto - DMA mode 2 (and 4) were installed. However it still doesn’t tell me what happened in the first place and still I have to reinstall some of my dvd programs after I have burned if I want to use them. I can probably live with that - but it is still niggling me.