Dvd burning suddenly way slow

Hi…I’m not very computer savvy but I have a Lite on dvd burner and i use DVD shrink and anydvd to burn my discs…I have had no probs up till today. They normally burn around half hour to an hour…never really paid that close attention. now today it is taking like 2.5 hours to ??? any ideas what the deal is? plz this is driving me batty.

check in your device manager to make sure DMA is enabled on your drive.

also, for future reference, you DON’T use DVDShrink to burn your discs as it does not have a burning engine included with it.

DVDShrink can use a number of programs to burn including Nero, DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn, etc, etc…

thank you…i do have nero installed so that must be what i use to burn also…what is DMA? I just wnet to device manager and see nothing that has DMA. OR even looks close… :confused:

I suggest you to burn manually your backups with nero. Don’t use shrink because it have some unsolved issues. Many users complain these problems, and shrink is not more developed, so this issue will remain unsolved.

For what I know the only way to solve this problem is to disable “burn with…” in preferences and burn manually your files.

ok…what unsolved issues? thanks

Burning with nero.

Some users don’t have problem, other can’t burn at all. Nobody know why.