DVD burning stops at 61%

I’m trying to burn to dvd using winavi 7.7 but it gets to 61% and the lime left just keeps increasing and nothing seems to happen.

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It could be that you are using a low quality disc.

Can you give more details? What discs are you using? What burner do you have? What firmware is installed on the drive? At what speed did you burn?

emtec 4.7gb dvd-r discs, pioneer dvd-rw dvr-k13a on a toshiba satellite sa60-106. it says that its burning at speed 4

emtec media are rather low quality discs. Your burner seems a 4x capable only, so you need to buy 4x certified media.

If you try to burn a 16x certified media on a 4x capable burner, almost certainly there is not the correct writing strategy in the firmware, and the disc will be burned in the wrong way.

Try to find some 4x or 8x Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media. Currently Verbatim and TY are the best media available in the market :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you need a new (more recent) burner :frowning:

my writer is capable of writing up to 16x, winavi just uses 4 speed. it has slower speeds, do you think i should try a different speed? I remember having a problem like this a few years ago and it had something to do with windows media player but i can’t remember the exact solution that i used at the time.

Usually it’s better to burn a disc near its certified speed. For example, 16x discs give better results if burned @12x, but it is also related to the disc quality and the firmware used.

I was able to burn at 18x some verbatim MCC004 with excellent results.

However, I suggest to get better quality discs.

Another thing you can do is to use another software like ImgBurn. Save your winavi files on hard disc and then use ImgBurn to write on the disc.