DVD Burning Speeds

i have read some of the forums about burning speed but my drivers are set to DMA so i dont know what i need to do now its still slow as crap, my friend gave my the driver so it didnt come with any software could this be the problem and if so does anyone know where i can get the software for the driver HL-DT-ST GSA-4082B i have roxio 8 but when i burn a DVD it takes a good 5 or 6 hours so i know this is a problem.


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read this

And check also your bios: some mainboards require that DMA must be enabled also here

Thanks for the link, i followed the instructions and it still is slow, so im not sure what i need to do now, is me not downloading the CD for the driver since i didnt have one effecting it? i am so lost and confused please help

DVD burners don’t need a particular driver: windows install all necessary when you plug the drive in your computer.

Check what IDE drivers are installed. Do you have standard microsoft ones or other like nvidia or intel or other?

Are you actually starting with something like a AVI movie file and converting & burning that to DVD? If you are the 5 hours is not so unusual.

What is your PC spec , what operating system & what DVD media are you using?

yes i am converting from an AVI to a DVD, i am runing on a 1gh and a 256mb Radion 9250, is there a program i can download or buy that converts the movies so the process is faster?

Converting an avi to dvd require to re-encode all video stream; mpeg encoders require a powerful CPU to do this conversion in reasonable times.

The only way to speed up this conversion is to buy a more powerful computer.