DVD burning Sound Sync issue


Please can anyone help me. I’ve just got myself a DVD burner (Emprex) and I’ve started burning the odd film to DVD using Nero vision express 2.

On most occassion all is ok - however, when trying to burn some films I have a sound/video sync problem. i.e. the sound isn’t synchronised with the video.

Can anyone offer some advice to a newbie please.

I believe it may be a codec issue - but how can I find out which codecs I need and where to get them?

Any advice would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance

P.s. I’m running windows XP - sp1,
2.5ghz Intel Pentium
512 Ram

when converting avi or mpg etc. to dvd compliant mpeg-2 video files you should always play the finished dvd on your PC 1st BEFORE burning. if audio and video are synchronised, then it’s unlikely to be a codec issue

If the audio of the avi is at a frequency OTHER than 48khz, it will (sometimes) go out of sync during encoding.
In order to get your burns in sync, you should be using better tools, and do audio and video separately.
I know Nerovision Express is a nice, “one-click” solution to dvd making, but it’s far from the best.
If you want to take making dvdr’s seriously, I recommend you get used to using separate applications for the various steps.
Rip the audio from the avi in virtualdub, audio setting set to Full Processing. Click File, save wav, and save it somewhere. Takes about 2 minutes.
Encode your video with no audio, in your favourite encoder, tmpgenc, Mainconcept, Canopus, CCE, QuEnc, whatever.
Transcode audio to 48khz AC3 using Ffmpeggui (it’s free).
Author the dvd in a good app like DVDLab.
If you find that’s too confusing, be prepared to have OOS audio. Nero’s audio encoder is not the best.
If you just want the movie onto dvd, try VSO Divx to DVD (it’s free), and does a better job of encoding than Nero, but no menus.

A lot of settings are set to variable bitrate sometimes when endcoded. This will also throw off sync of audio/video. keep that in mind. (note: vbr as oppose to constant bitrate cbr)