DVD burning (Sony DRU-810A)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DRU-810A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am trying to burn dvd’s from movies of my granchild from my digital camera and my mini dv video camera. My daughter has a Canon digital camera digital camera which she also takes short videos with, my problem is that I can’t get them to play on my home dvd players attached to the tv’s. I need a program that will convert these files (MPeg and Quick Time and AVI) so that I can burn them to a DVD to watch on my LCD tv. Please help

Do you want to edit the videos or do you just want to convert to dvd video?

If you just want to convert, there are many choices. ConvertXtoDVD is a commercial product that is popular around here for this process. There is a free trial available (it will leave a watermark) if you want to try it out. There are also some free options like FAVC and DVDFlick.

If you need to edit out sections, you may want a different type of program. Adobe Premiere Elements will allow you to make cuts, transitions and then convert to dvd. Corel Ulead Studio 11.5 is another choice for this, or you might want to try out its new replacement, Corel Video Studio X2.

For photo DVD slide shows this free app works well.