DVD Burning Softwares Dont detect my burner

Hi CDFreaks…
I’ve got an HP Pavilion Media Center PC… and would request you guys to excuse my poor english :frowning:

The problem is with my DVD Writer… i just got it replaced with a new writer today from HP but still by DVD Burners… Sonic and Nero 7 are not detecting the drive… even tho the drive is able to read and play both DVDs and CDs fine, the problem lies in burning… wot to do??? :confused:
And yes, i am able to write anything using this drive using the Windows inbuilt writer…

HP Pavilion Media Center a1320in PC
Ram- 1 GB DDR2 533MHz
Processor- P4-HT-3.06 Ghz
Hard Drive-80GB SATA
DVD/CD Drive- HL-DT-ST-DVDRRW GSA-H20L(Firmware upto date)

Thanks a tonn in advance…

Sundip Sharma
New Delhi, IN

Do you have the DMA enabled and are you using a 80 wire IDE cable?

It’s possible that if the Sonic & Nero 7 applications were shipped by HP with a different burner that they will only recognise that old burner.

Try CDBurnerXP Pro or ImgBurn & see what they do with it.