DVD burning software?

Hi i have just installed dvdshrink, but can someone please suggest what is the best burning software to run alongside it??
Pref. Freeware


Basically, you can use any program that is capable of burning video DVD’s from a vobset.

But… Nero is the best tool for the job. I know it isn’t freeware (although it comes with most burning hardware, so I wouldn’t be wondered if you already own it), but it can be controlled from within DVDShrink. This wrapping principle works very nice and makes it a great combination.

Know how well it works but it’s free.Its called DeepBurn. I have not used this sofware,but if you want some thing for free this mite be for you.The software i use is CloneDVD works great & DVDone but those you must pay for but then you get what you pay for,but mabey this Deepburn works Let us know. Here’s the Free DeepBurn Page

CopytoDVD although it isn’t free is a cheaper alternative than nero is, they both offer trials give them a shot.