Dvd burning software

I am new at the dvd burning…i have files on my comp that I have downloaded and I want to burn them to a dvd… I cant figure out how to shrink them…ive tried dvd shrink and i dont think the files are the right type…they are avi…so i tried the avs converter but it doesnt give an option to convert them to ifo so that i could use dvd shrink to shrink them then burn them…i dont know what i am doing please help!!

they are not illegal files…just thought i would add that

The only program I know of that can convert avi or such to DVD compliant files to burn to DVD is ConvertXtoDVD but it not free.

How many files do you want to put on one DVD and what size are they?

DVDFlick is free and will make a DVD for you.


FAVC is another freeware app that will also make a DVD.


There are many others that can do this conversion GJ…DVDFlick, AVStoDVD, FAVC to name a few.

The question is, does kmmd want to watch these videos as avi files or dvd-video? Open the files with MediaInfo and check to see what codecs are used in them kmmd.

Do you have a dvd player that can play back avi files? If so, you might not have to convert them. Many newer players can handle divx or xvid avi files that are simply burned to a disk as data.

If you can’t get all to fit onto a single disk, you might consider burning to a dual layer dvd.