DVD Burning Software

Hello All,
I have been using Nero Vision to create DVD compilations of shows I have saved on my pc in vob format that will play in my stand alone player.

I just recently started having problems with the program not fitting the compilation on one disc. I am fed up with Nero and am looking for input on what software programs are recommended to do what Nero Vision does.

Any Suggestions???


I am not saying Nero vision is the best, but do not blame it for what you do.
You can set output to single or dual layer DVD, it all depend what you want.
There are other DVD software you can get, check this.


Thanks for the link. I am sure I will be able to find a program here that will do what I want.:iagree:

ConvertXtoDVD would be my first choice. Aside from that, try DVDFlick or FAVC.