Dvd burning software question please reply



hey everybody, I have roxio easy cd and dvd creator 6. If I try to burn a backup disc of my PS2 games will this be the sofware to use?? Or will I have to use my dvd shrink or dvd decryptor software first?? Also will I have to shrink the games to fit on a 5 gigabyte blank dvd?? Please reply. Thank you.


Hi and welcome in the forums,

all you have to use to make your PS2 backups is DVD Decrypter in ISO mode!



You wont have to shrink the games as only a few maybe 3 or 4 at most are dvd9…
btw you do have to have a modchip or other boot method…


so if there is any copy protection DVD decrytor will get past it automatically?? Also my PS2 is version 4 and somebody in another one of posts said that dvd+r media would not work and that I would have to change Its bitrate. Can someone confirm this and if its true how do you change bitrate. Thanks


your playstation may read +r mine does and it is a v4 but i dont know what disk you use… playstations can be picky the better solution is -r

Like dallshead aske do you already have a mod?