DVD Burning software for Win2K3

What is the best DVD burning software that is compatible with Windows 2003 Server.

I need to backup data on the server but I, also, want to be able to copy my movies and pics with the same DVD burner.

Any help is appreciated.


all the same programs that work with windows xp

In your opinion, which is the best:
easiest to install
easiest to use
most reliable
best bang for the buck.

Imgburn (free)

It’s only “limitation” is that require an image file (iso for example) as input.

for backing up data nero oem that comes with dvd burners is fine

Almost any program working under xp will work under w2k3 too.

w2k3 is just xp pro already servicepacked and a lot of server stuff added, same kernel,
no redesign

Haha, I think you meant this as a joke.
w2k3 is solidproof compared to a colour-play-kid sys like xp. I still think xp stands for “experimental” only. :wink:

after I tweak xp pro, it’s lean and mean and has few less services running than w2k3
server comes that way, no eye and ear candy default

xp home/pro and server all use the same kernel

But the kernel -as per se- never runs alone an OS.

I think the kernel is the same but 2k3 (to me) appears much more solid thro I only have 1 box on it,the rest are xp pro and they run very well, But like it has been said any burning prg. that runs well on xp will be fine on 2k3.

Exactly what I’ve experienced. :wink: