Dvd Burning Size problems

hey guys so I have a question… I have a whole season of a tv show on my computer and they are all video files in the folder. In the folder it says the size of all the episodes is only 2.95GB but when I try and burn them all in nero, It says its over 4 gigs and it wont fit on a single dvd… whats up with that? is there any way to make them all fit on one DVD?

Nero is re-encoding them, so making them bigger.
If you just want them as an archive, burn as a data disk.

i actually want them on a dvd to watch on dvd players. is there a way to burn them without reencoding them?

If these movies are in AVI format, the only way to watch them on a standalone is purchase a standalone able to read also AVI movies. These days there are many available, some really cheap.

To burn these movies without any conversion, simply select in nero (NOT in nerovision)

New Compilation --> “[B]DVD-ROM (ISO)[/B]” (and NOT DVD-Video).