DVD Burning (Samsung SH-S203N / TS-H653N)



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung SH-S203N / TS-H653N. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]First post, so I hope I’m not breaking a rule by posting without an initiation of some kind.

Recent my NEC burner started to corrupt every DVD data disc I burned (one or two files rendered unreadable, the rest fine). I decided to order a new drive, going with the Samsung SH-S203N. Unfortunately, I mulled over small details and missed one large one before I ordered it, only realizing when I was holding the drive I’d ordered a SATA drive, without having a SATA port to plug it in.

Since I’m on a Mac Mini, I don’t have room for expansion of any kind. I’ve also been using the previous drive in an IDE external bay, which I hoped to use the new drive in. Opting not to return the new drive in exchange for an IDE drive, I ordered a Rosewill SATA to IDE bridge converter. And now I’ve come to my primary issue, I cannot initiate a DVD burn.

I use Toast 9 for burning, and it always freezes after filling the cache and moves to “preparing”, never going beyond that. To troubleshoot without ruining more DVD’s, I inserted a CD-R and burnt it just fine. To further test, I went into Disk Utility, mounted an ISO, and again successfully burnt that to a CD-R. I then created a DVD size dmg, put my data files into it, and tried to burn a DVD-R through Disk Utility. It got about 5% done and again errored out.

As a last attempt to salvage this method, I pulled the drive out, set the jumper to slave (it was defaulted to master previously), and taped the bridge securely to the drive. Attempted a DVD data burn in Toast, and again froze at “preparing”. I’m not sure if bridging the connections like this is impossible or if there’s something I’m missing. It plays regular DVD films fine, the Mac registers all the info about the drive, and it burns CD-R’s successfully. I’ve troubleshot many issues reading advice from these forums over the years, but this is my first formal request for advice. I hope I’m not SOL. Thanks!


Hi and Welcome!

those IDE/SATA converters (there also exist SATA/IDE variants) often have compatibility problems with optical drives.

Maybe a SATA/USB adapter (even better in an enclosure) would be the better solution. In that case, your Mac will be accompanied by another box of nearly the same size :wink: