DVD burning rar files



I am having problems with RAR files that i have extracted. How can I burn these with Nero to create a DVD?


Burn it with the same software you have created them with.

It’s that simple.

Otherwise, please read the forum rules (again).


I didn’t know winrar could burn discs :bigsmile:


bkf, it was about the extracted files…


Yes they are extracted files from RAR and I would like to create the DVD.


What dvd, what files? You haven’t mentioned any size/name/title or similar.

So we just can only suggest like stabbing into the dark.


sorry so I have extracted the rar into the img file. Then I extracted that into Video_TS file and there are multiple files VTS_1_0. I can play some of these on Nero 7 but when I try to burn the ones I want on nero it fails. What am I doing wrong?


You don’t need to extract the img file.

I would burn it straight to DVD by using ImgBurn! It’s free, a truely masterpiece of a software!


Great and it will play on any dvd?


You mean player?

That depends mainly on the player and the used media.
Most players will play DVD-R without problems, and if DVD+R is a problem, you could set their booktype to DVD-ROM to increase the compatibility.


Yes sorry!

I will try it. Thanks


If you dislike ImgBurn (which I wouldn’t understand), you could even “open” up the img file with Nero and burn it straight to a DVD media.


I just got this error trying to do it.

I/O ERROR. What do I do?


Are you using Imgburn? If you are just to be safe unmount the .img file.


How do you do that?

I am using Imgburn.


How did you extract the files into a VIDEO_TS folder? If you have Nero turn off the wizard and then pick “burn dvd video files” and you should be able to burn the VIDEO_TS folder no problem.


I tried that and when selecting all of the components that are in the folder it locks up.


There should only be 3 types of files in the folder, .ifo, .bup. and .vob. How did you get the VIDEO_TS folder?


I finally got the Imgburn to work. The problem was that I am using +R and needed to select that in the options. From now on I will use the -R as one of my DVD players will not play the +R.


Depending on your drive, you may be able to change the booktype. Basically that means Imgburn burns the dvd+r as a dvd-rom which makes it more compatible. Click on the icon all the way to the right of the speed and see if you can.