DVD Burning Question

Hello, I’m new and have searching all over to find a simple answer to my question before I start burning images to a DVD.

I use Nero 6 and I want to burn digital scrapbooking items, which are either in .png or .jpg format and I was told they’re basically considered ‘images’, so my question is, do I create a DATA DVD? I noticed it has “Make a UDF DVD” or “Make a UDF/ISO DVD” (both under the ‘data’ area for DVD burning).

Can anyone assist me? The last time I attempted to burn, if my memory serves me correctly, I created a UDF DVD and unfortunately it is only read in Windows 2000 and 98 OS and I have XP both at home and at work, so I lost all those scrapbooking supplies out the door.

I’d truly appreciate it if anyone can shed some light to a confused gal. Thanks!

Create a DVD-ROM(ISO) data disc.

As previous poster has said either you can burn your images as ISO data or you can burn them as UDF/ISO format. I personally burn my pictures on the disc as ISO data.